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5 Tips for Night Fishing

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5 Tips for Night Fishing

Submitted by www.lednightfishinglights.com on July 8th, 2015

Night fishing offers daytime fishermen an exciting change of pace. It’s advantageous to fish in the dark vs. the daytime as many large fish spend the day in deep water due to daytime heat, making them harder to catch.

Pelican Products gives 5 tips for night fishing.

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At night, these fish move to the shallows to feed, making themselves vulnerable to the devoted nighttime fishermen. There is also virtually no lake activity at night to scare your catch off. A few simple steps to catch the big one and stay safe while night fishing follow:

1. Check the Weather

Always glance at the radar before taking the boat out. If rain is expected, make sure to bring ponchos. Often times the best fishing occurs directly before and after it rains. If a thunderstorm is approaching, however, it is best to postpone the trip for another date.

2. Prepare the Boat

For safety reasons, it is essential to properly prepare your boat in the daylight. Remember to pack lightly and take with you only what you will need. Carefully select a few lures and bait to use and leave the rest at home. Bring an extra fishing pole in case the first one fails.

A fishfinder is an essential night fishing gadget. It monitors the depth of the lake and keeps you and your boat safe from unforeseen lake hazards. Lastly, a camera should be included for all fishing trips. Remember to smile as you hold up the lunker you just caught!

3. Select the Right Lures

Lure choice is a very important element to catching trophy fish. The perfect lure will vary from fish to fish, so we have broken it down by species.

  • Bass- At night, it is not the color of the lure that matters, but the contrast. According to Field & Stream magazine, Bass do not see well during nighttime and react to extreme differences in colors, not one specific color. For example, if you are fishing with a spinnerbait that has a dark colored skirt, use a white trailer. If your bait has a light skirt, then use a black trailer. Big Bass are not very picky and will hit unique lures. The contrast in colors will make it easier for them to pick out.
  • Walleye- The most important aspect to catching large Walleyes is silence. Typically, the bigger the walleye, the easier it scares. Do not let the fact that you’re fishing at night become an excuse for being loud and clumsy. Cut the engine well before you get to your favorite fishing spot to ensure the vibrations from the boat will not spook the fish. Live bait such as leeches and minnows typically work best.
  • Muskie- Fishing for Muskies at night is completely different from daytime fishing. During the day, reeling the lure quickly often provides results. At night, reeling slowly is better. Muskies do not strike based on visual cues; instead they rely on vibrations created by the bait. The larger and slower moving the blades on your lure are, the better chance you will have to land a trophy fish

4. Lighting

Naturally, proper lighting is a very important aspect of any night fishing excursion. You will need a mounted light on both the front and the back of your boat. An adjustable headlight is also a necessity. The NightFishion Blacklight Rub Rail System turns on with the flip of a switch, includes 2 Docking Light strips (White), 2 Moon Glo strips (Blue), and 8 UV Blacklights. It’s the perfect fishing buddy!  www.lednightfishinglights.com


5. Sit Back and Relax- The most important aspect (you say this phase twice- see Walleye) of night fishing, or any fishing trip, is to have fun. It is the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy nature and the tranquility of the lake at night.

By following these 5 simple tips you will have a good time be able to have fun and—with some luck—catch the fish of your dreams.