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NightFishion Installation Tutorial

Installation Instructions

Tools and Supplies Needed:

Power drill/bits, screw drjvers, electrical connectors (suitable for marine use), wire strippers,

Step 1:

Before starting your install you will need to remove the boats current rub rail insert. Start by removing the end caps at the stern and carefully t ake out rub rail insert around the boat. After insert is removed tighten rub rail base plate screws.

Step 2:

Remove bow panel and determine main power from 12v cranking battery and determine proper ground. Decide on the best location for the supplied switches and mount switches with copper post up. Every boat model is different. so be sure to choose switch locations based on available space and unrestricted access.

Step 3:

Remove your NightFishion System from the box and lay on front deck of the boat. The system will be rolled into 2 coils separated by cardboard. Each coil is one side of the boat. Locate the centerline mark on the system. This mark will be lined up with the center of the bow. Keeping the coils on the deck of the boat and slowly unrolling as you install the NightFishion insert will help prevent the lights frnm being damaged due to excess twisting. WARNlNG- Do not stretch or twist the NightFishion Rub Rail System.  This could cause damage to the LED lights and wiring.

Step 4:

Once the system is lined up at the how, begin to install the NightFishion insert along both sides of the boat. Approx. 12 to 15 inches from the centerline will be your docking light leads. Drill appropriate size hole through base plate and insert docking wire into bow.  Next you will see the leads for your Black lights and Moon Glow.  Drill another hole through the base plate and insert wire lead. Once the wires are inserted into the front of the bow , simply install the rest of the NightFishion insert down both sides of the boat and reinstall end caps. NOTE: It is recommended that the drilled access holes are filled with silicone to prevent water from entering bow.

Step 5:

WIRING *refer to manufactures wiring diagram for specific boat model

-Marry the docking light red wires and connect to the POWER OUT (middle post) on the appropriate switch.
-Connect left side red and right side red to POWER OUT (middle post) on the appropriate switch.
-Marry all the black wires from your NightFishion System to the proper ground on the boat and then make connection to the GROUND (copper post) on all the switches.
-Bring power to the switches from the 12v cranking battery by connecting to the POWER IN (post opposite of ground)
-Check to make sure that the switches are illuminating and turning on the intended lights.